#18 Guest blog #2: ‘The song for the moment’

Artist: Ben Webster
Song: Duke’s in Bed (1969)
Author of this blog: Barend Gevers Deynoot

Like all readers of this awesome blog you ask yourself the question: what would I write about? What gives me goosebumps? The answer to this question is already so important to realise. For different situations there is always a song for the moment. Let it be ‘Matthäus Passion: Erbarme dich (Damien Guillon – Philippe Herreweghe)’ for that beautiful inside moment where you just need some classical music. Or just quite the opposite with ‘SKIP&DIE – “La Cumbia Dictadura” (Live at ADE Paradiso)’ for stuff to slowly but surely hit the fan.

For me there is one song for the moment. It’s Ben Webster’s ‘Duke’s in Bed’ (at 36:07) and I’m pretty darn sure you’re not ready at the moment. So press play for the album ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ to get in the mood. Let yourself be jazzed into the moment. This diverse American jazz saxophonist, 1909-1973, has beautiful romantic songs, loves making solos and from the third song of this album you start to feel the body moving tunes. The tunes which makes him so great in my opinion.

Let me describe the pose you should be taking when pressing the play button of Duke’s in Bed. Tilt you head slightly down and to the side, your left hand a bit in the air and your right hand ready to bounce to the music. You will be thrown right into the moment. After the first solo the fire is lessened but the drummer adequately intensifies his playing to keep the jazz flowing. Then after the second solo Ben Webster takes off with an amazing solo that just gives you the creeping ‘oeef aaaai nice’ feeling.

Turn up the speakers, get ready (remember: 36:07) and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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#17 When great music is combined with a great video clip

Artist: Kollektiv Turmstrasse
Song: Tristesse
Artist: Einszauszwei
Song: Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel)

Most of the time, video clips are about artists lip syncing their own song to the camera. Cars, booze, beaches and weird clothing involved. Video clips like that can be entertaining and fun to watch. Another option is to record the live recording or performance of a song and make a video out of it. I like watching music video’s like that the most, because you see performed what you hear, see how the musicians enjoy themselves and see how they impress and inspire each other.

Although I am more of a listener than a watcher, some video clips will stay forever. Flat beat, by Mr Oizo for example.. haha! But once in a while, you come across a clip that makes sense. A video that complements the music. A video wherein the music you hear and the images you see are perfectly combined. You experience watching a movie and listening to great music, at the same time, greatly matched.

Take the time to watch these video’s and listen to the music if you like. The first song is ‘Tristesse’ by German producer duo ‘Kollektiv Turmstrasse’. The video is not the original video to the song. The video is a scene from Disney’s Fantasia 2000, where classical piece ‘Firebird Suite – 1919 version’ performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra guided the images. Tristesse is a song of the techno genre.. so quite something different. But I lose myself in this video clip every time I watch it.

The second song is a rework of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic ‘Sound of Silence’, produced by German duo ‘Einzauszwei’. The song itself is turned into a deep, relaxed house tune. A beautiful interpretation of the song can be seen in the well-made video.

I will not give anything away, you will have to watch it yourselves. Enjoy!

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